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Welcome to the Reconnect Wellness Centre

The philosophy of the Reconnect Wellness Centre is to provide a level of care that is both professional and relaxed. We understand that life is busy and we want to make your health care our priority.

 Riverstone and the surrounding suburbs are growing at a rapid rate and we are here to support the community. To work collaboratively with the practitioners within the centre, with other health care practitioners in the local area and most importantly with you. We also have  a second location at Windsor Downs.

Our Mission

The approach of Reconnect is holistic. Mental and emotional health is not simply a ‘brain issue’, it is a whole body issue. If you are not looking after your body, physically, through good eating habits, exercise and maintaining good health then you will be encouraged to do so.

A healthy body is a first good step to a healthier mind. Working in conjunction with your GP, psychiatrists, naturopaths, dieticians and other health professionals can be very beneficial to you.

Some decisions, usually made in childhood can affect us our whole life. We became hardened, depressed, anxious, angry. Instead of having a heart for ourselves we give it away, we forget what it feels like to love and nurture yourself. We forget to laugh, to play, to have fun. And we get our priorities mixed up, losing site of what is actually important to us, as an individual, and not what everyone else says we should be.

With individual therapy you can learn to get back your sense of identity, of who you are and what is important to you. You can learn to let go of anger, grief, resentment, guilt and fear, and all those other negative emotions that keep you from living the life you deserve. You can learn about how early decisions that formed your identity are holding you back today. You can learn how to change your thoughts, to accept them, and not to struggle with everyday. You can develop into the strong and healthy person that you thought you would be.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”

–  Anais Nin

Our Psychologists, Natural Health & Wellness Practitioners at Reconnect Wellness Centre are available at varying times by appointment. Contact us for availability.

For further information about what we do you can send us an email speak to us over the phone on (02) 9994 8994.

We are conveniently located a walking distance from Riverstone train station between Australia Post and the 7-Eleven Petrol station. We have our own parking space as well as ample street parking on Garfield Road East.




2/43 Garfield Road East
Riverstone NSW 2765
Phone: (02) 9994 8994 | Fax: (02) 8252 0833 | Email:  info@reconnectwellness.com.au




Windsor Downs
By appointment only
Phone: (02) 9994 8994 | Fax: (02) 8252 0833 | Email:  info@reconnectwellness.com.au




Our Location Riverstone

“The true life is the symbolic life”

– C.G.Jung