Welcome to Reconnect Wellness Centre

The philosophy of Reconnect Wellness Centre is to provide a level of care that is both professional and relaxed. We understand that life is busy and we want to make your health care our priority. Riverstone and the surrounding suburbs are growing at a rapid rate and we are here to support the community. To work collaboratively with the practitioners within the centre, with other health care practitioners in the local area and most importantly with you.

Our Team

The vision of our team is to provide quality, innovative and accessible health and wellness care to individuals and families in and around the Riverstone area, including our Windsor Downs location. Our team is patient-centered, which means we will listen to you and your needs, and take the time you deserve.

Psychology and Counselling

Our Practice has female and male Psychologists that will help in all aspects of your life, for Adults, Children, Couples and Family therapy.

Some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Life stressors
  • Relationships (Couples & Family)
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Adolescents

With a combined skill set there is somebody here that is sure to be able to work with you in a manner that suits you.

There is  a fee to see the psychologists.

Natural Therapies

Our Allied Health services include:

  • Life Coaching
  • Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples
  • Raindrop Technique

Find Out More

Contact us to make an appointment, discuss your needs or ask us any questions you may have.


2/43 Garfield Road East, Riverstone NSW 2765

Email: info@reconnectwellness.com.au
Phone: (02) 9994 8994


Email: info@reconnectwellness.com.au
Phone: (02) 9994 8994

We look forward to hearing from you.





Wellness  is generally a term used to refer to a healthy balance between the body, mind and spirit. Our wellness team believes in the connection between the body and the mind. Meaning that if predominantly we have negative thoughts, whether they be conscious or unconscious, these thoughts will manifest in the body being physically sick or the mind being emotionally unwell. The word disease literally means dis-ease. Or uneasy about something in our lives. So by working on all aspects of life we are able to work towards a healthy balance. Further if you are already unwell, by working on the thought patterns, past trauma, limiting beliefs, changing the diet, you are able to start to change the way you see yourself and the world you are in.